19th JUNE 2023 / Sitter Shoot / In-home sitter shoot / What is a sitter shoot? / Windlesham, Surrey

Everyone has heard of newborn, family and cake smash photography shoots but what is a sitter shoot? When is the best time to have a sitter shoot and what is the format? This blog post is to explain just that and to answer the most common questions I get asked. I will be including photographs from a recent sitter shoot with this handsome little chap…

Sitter photography shoots (sometimes known as milestone photography shoots) are just as the names suggests. Sitter photography shoots are portrait sessions for babies who are confidently sitting unaided. Because all baby develop and learn skills at different rates, some will be ready for their sitter shoot earlier than others will be. You just have to wait and see!

As with all my photography sessions, my sitter shoots take place in the comfort of your own home. This is especially ideal for the “sitters” so that they are in familiar surroundings. The shoot itself last for up to one hour and the time of day will be up to you. I want to fit in with your baby’s routine so that we capture your little one at the best time of day for them.

Sitter photography shoots are great fun! Babies of this age are full of smiles and cheeky personality and the aim is to capture beautiful candid images of your little one having fun and interacting with and exploring the world around them. There is a huge variety of photographs that can be captured from beautiful close up portraits and little details to images of your sitter enjoying a favourite book or toy, smiles and giggles to the more serious concentrating look or having cuddles and interacting with you. The list goes on! Whatever we capture, you will end up with a gallery of beautiful images capturing real life moments and memories of your little one at this important stage.

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